There will be whiskey tastings in Random Restaurant on Dykegate Lane at the RANDOM RESTAURANT POP UP DRINKS ACADEMY.
To book a place on any of the classes please email info@dinglefood.com or during the festival you can call to the festival office. You can book in advance or due to the popularity of these events last year, we have a larger venue so if you haven’t booked please drop into us over the weekend at Random Restaurant, Dykegate Lane to see if we have spaces available.

Irish Distillers Whiskey Tasting

Sat and Sun at 15:30
Venue: Random Restaurant

Michael Carr, Irish Distiller’s Whiskey Ambassador, will be telling the story of the Powers family and their award winning whiskeys that have flowed since 1791. You will be tasting the full range of whiskeys and maybe something special. We will taste the ubiquitous Single Pot Still family and try some of Ireland’s most awarded premium whiskeys.

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