The usual Farmers’ Market will be open on the Friday of the festival. Then on Saturday & Sunday over 50 stalls will be located at the usual market site, Bridge St., Greys Lane and Orchard Lane. Outdoor live music & street entertainment creates a fantastic atmosphere at the markets. This year ESB Networks are sponsoring our markets.

“ESB Networks are delighted to be sponsoring the Dingle Food Festival and powering what is a wonderful showcase of incredible produce. It has chosen Dingle as a pilot location for an exciting new project to help to understand how evolving technologies will interact on the electricity network of the future & how, in turn, the local community & industry can best benefit from these technologies. Earlier this year, ESB Networks launched the Dingle Project, which will see the company deploy a range of technologies which will future-proof the electricity network for the benefit of homes, farms & businesses on the Dingle Peninsula. The findings from the project will, in turn, help ESB Networks deliver an electricity network to facilitate Ireland’s transition to a low carbon future. With over 4,700 homes, farms and businesses on the peninsula, Dingle will be at the heart of many smart network research projects & trials to see how best ESB Networks can efficiently facilitate all of the new demands on the national network in the coming decade. The technologies being tested are intended to meet the challenges of the future energy system, such as accommodating additional renewable power sources, battery storage & the electrification of heat & transport.  These trials are expected to provide valuable insights, given the Dingle population ebbs &d flows through the course of the seasons, so the variation in electricity load places particular demands on the network on the peninsula. The network on the peninsula is also subject to the extreme weather occasionally posed by the Atlantic Ocean, which is also valuable in testing the resilience of any new technologies.

As part of the promoting ESB Networks’ commitment to the Dingle Project & a sustainable future, we are delighted to be giving away 10 Solar PV installations each with a value of €3,000.   All you have to do is drop into the ESB Networks stall & register your interest. Looking forward to seeing you at the event!”