Iconic Irish Brands


Jenny McCarthy is an oil painter based in Ventry, Co. Kerry.  Her latest  work combines  iconic Irish brands with cultural imagery. The series, entitled Iconic Irish Brands is aimed at celebrating deep-rooted brands like Kerrygold, Flahavans & Barry’s Tea that form our national identity. A prime example is the 1932 Lunch atop a skyscraper photo of 11 ironworkers aloft a steel beam on the 69th floor of the Rockefeller center.  And there is no mistaking how Kerrygold speaks to the world as uniquely Irish.  This striking photograph and iconic brand, rendered as an oil painting speaks to the very soul of Irishness.

The exhibition includes wildlife sculpture by Lynne Stratton.

View the works on ventrybeach.com and lynnestrattonsculpture.com

In the Diseart Garden Gazebo, Green Street, Dingle.

Open Fri 29 Sep – Sun 1 Oct